100 kastelen van de Costa Blanca

Gepubliceerd op 17 november 2018 om 01:00

Non-stop experience through 100  castles

The Province of Alicante has always had a lot to defend and now it’s  got  a  lot  to  visit.  Castles,  watchtowers,  bastions,  batteries,  defense towers and lookout points, forts and bunkers, walled palaces and even Xàbia's church, designed to repel non-believers. A constellation of 230 constructions dot and explain this territory with its rich terrain and history impregnated with peoples, cultures, and borders.

Below, we have selected 100 examples of these pieces of architecture to summarize 1,500 years of epic, daily battles, legendary treaties, and fear of being invaded. Each one of them represents

a privileged location to enjoy the landscape, a unique cultural experience,  and  an  invitation  to  immerse  yourself  in  the  people’s memory. Visigoth kings, like Theodemir, mythic Arab commanders,  like  Al-Azraq,  and  Christian  monarchs  as  well  known  as  James  I or  Alfonso  X  (“The  Wise”)  await  behind  the  stoned  walls.  This  is the opportunity to be guided through a journey in time that will be impossible to forget.

Being  based  on  heritage,  history,  and  culture,  the  Castle  Route through the Province of Alicante becomes a non-stop session full of  experiences  for  the  traveler.  Every  fortress  is  an  open  door  to delve  deeper  into  surprising  natural  spaces,  enjoy  centuries-old gastronomy, and participate in all types of complementary activities from hiking to shopping – passing over a sports and nautical experience trail.

The  castles  with  their  silent  walls  and  their  arrow  slits–  whisper stores about a territory where protection and monitoring were always a part of life: a life that is recorded in gold lettering in books and which can be felt through the magic air of the villages and cities that continue to tell its story.


Meer info op: http://www.costablanca.org/Eng/Descubre_la_Costa_Blanca/Ruta%20de%20los%20Castillos/Pages/default.aspx